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All our specialists share a common bond – passion for exploring new places and things. Our team of seasoned travel agents are well-traveled and would be happy to share their experience with you. We leverage the years of expertise and strong partner relationships we have developed since we opened our doors to assist you with getting the kind of travel experience you want.

Meet our travel experts:

Svetlana Travel Agent / Travel Guide of g4 tours

Travel Agent / Travel Guide

My personal discovery of Belarus began many years ago with a visit to two of the most famous architectural monuments, which are now included in the UNESCO World Heritage List ... the residence of the Radziwill Family in the city of Nyazvish (or Nesvizh) and the Mir Castle. At that time these architectural monuments were nothing more than abandoned ruins, but they aroused my interest in researching our own history.

However, a real opportunity to immerse myself in history and to further explore my homeland came much later. In 2018, by chance, I started working with the g4 tours team, and although not much time has passed since then, I managed to explore many hidden corners of my homeland that I had no idea about before, met wonderful people and shared unforgettable moments with our tourists.

What I like best about the g4 tours is the individual approach, where every tourist basically becomes a personal guest. And it often happens that at the end of a tour the feeling arises that we have known each other for a long time. And that is great.

Thanks to our tourists I have learned to see the special things that distinguish us, the Belarusians, our country and our culture, in the things we are used to.

My personal Belarus travel highlights:

In my opinion, the most unforgettable thing is meeting people without whom it is difficult to get a complete picture of a country. Personally, I am always amazed at how open and good-natured our people are. I think they are my highlights of Belarus. And also, as one of our tourists rightly noticed, it is homemade and mostly high-proof drinks like Medovucha, Kvass, and Mors, which absolutely must be tasted.

Photo | Tatyana

Online-Marketing and Partner Management

I studied at the Minsk State Linguistic University. I worked as a university teacher before qualifying as a travel guide. Meanwhile I work for g4tours as translator, interpreter and tour guide. Thanks to my extensive knowledge of the geography, history and culture of her country, as well as my friendly and open nature, I always provide competent and kind support for our holiday guests.

My personal Belarus travel highlights:

Walking through the floodplains of the Pripyatski National Park, enjoying the magical view of the Pripyat River, the sky, the meadows and watching rare birds, such as the Great White Egret or the White-tailed Eagle; visiting the breathtaking Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity in Gervyaty at sunset; watching an animated film in the Marc Chagall Museum in Vitebsk about the life of the artist, looking at his paintings and buying a souvenir with a reproduction of one of his paintings; walking through a raised bog in the Beresina Biosphere Reserve; lying on the grass in the Kolozha Park of Grodno near the church of St. Boris and Gleb on the bank of the river Memel and dream.


Travel Expert Grodno and Brest Region

Valentina studied at the Minsk State Linguistic University. She worked for many years as a tour guide and interpreter in a travel agency for young people. She lives and works in Grodno. With great enthusiasm, she shows visitors the town and surroundings in the west of the country. Valentina speaks German, English and Polish.

Photo | Anna

Travel Expert Polesia

While studying at the Faculty of Philology at Minsk University, Anna started to become interested in the history and culture of her home country. At her university, she looked after groups of students from Germany, which aroused her interest in showing her country to visitors and making it better known. Anna is particularly familiar with the south and west of the country, drafts individual travel concepts and accompanies our clients on their journey around the country.

Photo | Alexander

Travel Expert Braslau Lakes 

Alexander is a historian, geographer and local historian. He researches the past in the picturesque northern part of the country in the district known as the Braslau Lakes. He talks passionately about Braslau and its surroundings. Alexander will take you on long walks in the luxuriant nature during which you will learn much about the flora and fauna, as well as the history and ethnography of the area.

Photo | Natalia

Travel Expert Ecology and agriculture

Natalia is a Don kosack, born in Rostov on the Don in Russia. She has been the proud owner of own privately-owned goat farm, which she runs with her two sons, since 2010. Natalia looks forward to showing guests her farm. You can try your hand at milking goats and see the various stages involved in making goats’ cheese. Natalia will then invite you to sample her cheese and explain how difficult it is for private enterprise in Belarus.

Photo | Roman

Travel Expert Industrial Heritage

Roman is our specialist for the region around Volkovysk to the west of the country. He will familiarise you with the history and culture of his home country and show you the picturesque chalk quarries near Volkovysk, which are called the “Belarusian Maledives”. If you are interested in environmentally-orientated, active travel in harmony with nature, then Roman is the best companion for you.

Photo | Vladimir

Travel Expert Belovezhskaya National Park

Vladimir is the owner of the only organically-run country estate in Belarus, which is located in the unique Belovezhskaya National Park. His estate is in the northern part of the national park, which is not normally open to tourists. Vladimir is a biologist and very much in tune with nature. In his company, you will be able to discover the unspoilt flora and fauna in the park and enjoy the tranquility and remoteness. In addition, you will learn about the turbulent history of the area. Vladimir and his wife are excellent hosts who will do their best to serve you the best they have to offer.

Photo | Vassili

Travel Expert Vitebsk Region

Vassili is our travel specialist for Vitebsk and Minsk. With outstanding dedication, he has accompanied visitors around his home country for over 25 years. His areas of expertise include history, art and architecture. He speaks fluent German and English.

Tatyana Cultural Expert Vitebsk

Cultural Expert Vitebsk 

Tatyana is our certified tour guide for Vitebsk. She studied history and philology at the Mascherow University in her home town Vitebsk. Afterwards she spent several years in Germany, learned German and the culture of the country and the mentality of the people. With Tatjana you always have a pleasant and competent companion at your side. With great passion she will show you the cultural centre of Belarus - Vitebsk.

Alexander Expert for Genealogical Research g4 tours

Expert for Genealogical Research Belarus

Alexander graduated from the Belarusian State University of Economics. As an economist he worked in the medical industry for almost 20 years. In 2015 he decided to change his life drastically and turned his hobby - genealogy - into his profession. Since then Alexander has been engaged in researching family trees for clients from all over the world.

Expert for Genealogical Research Ukraine g4 tours

Expert for Genealogical Research Ukraine

Since his youth Pyotr has been fascinated by history, that is probably why he decided to become an historian. Thanks to conscientious study at university he received his diploma with honors аnd continued his studies in the Institute of History of Ukraine of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. He studied the peculiarities of migration, demography and ethnic development of different regions of Ukraine and became interested in genealogical research. 

He worked in many local and central archives of Ukraine and is glad to assist you to learn more about your ancestors. The history of Belarus is inextricably linked with the history of its neighboring countries like Ukraine. This is why we are very happy Pyotr joined us in spring 2020, which enables us to conduct cross-border research for you. Pyotr is based in Kiev and works very closely with our genealogical experts in Belarus.

Ivan Expert for the Nalibokski National Park g4 tours Belarus
Ivan (Vania)

Expert for the Nalibokski National Park 

Ivan has an extraordinary life story. He was a successful manager in a pharmaceutical company in Minsk for over a decade until he decided to renounce civilization and live in a remote estate in the wild part of the Nalibokski National Park. There he dedicated himself to tree beekiping, a very old form of beekeeping. He is also a very precise observer and expert of the local flora and fauna. 

Ivan works mainly with small groups of tourists, up to 7 people. With Ivan you can go on a real safari through the wild swamps of Nalibokskaya Pushcha, stay in one of the local huts, enjoy the untouched nature, participate in the creation of a beehive and much more.