'Train Gomel-Minsk | Picture: Anna Kovaliova

We are extremely pleased that you are interested in Eastern Europe and Belarus in particular. For many people this country is uncharted territory and although Belarus lies at the heart of Europe, very little is known about it. In the meantime, several tour operators offer trips to Eastern Europe but as far as Belarus is concerned all that is available are a few circular tours for groups. Our aim is to change that.

Since g4tours was founded four years ago we have tried to make Belarus accessible and enable people to experience the country either individually or in a group. In addition, we do our best to provide you with comprehensive information about Belarus with regard to its history, culture, provinces, customs and traditions.

Come on a voyage of discovery with us to this wonderful country. Awaiting you, you will find:

  • unspoilt nature and vast landscapes in their original form
  • warm hospitality
  • many culinary and cultural highlights
  • one of the safest countries in Europe

We organise each trip individually – you are not dependent on a group. Every minute is part of a programme tailored to suit you.

Important information before you leave for Belarus

Visa information

According to the decree № 265, the duration of visa-free entry to Belarus was extended from 5 to 30 days for citizens of 74 states. The decree came into force on 27 July 2018. List of countries with visa-free entry to Belarus.

The visa requirement for Israeli citizens was already abolished in 2015.

Entry without a visa has to take place at border control at Minsk national airport. The following items must be held ready:

  1. A valid passport which is valid for at least 3 months beyond the day of departure from Belarus (an identity card will not be accepted).
  2. Means of payment: Foreign or local currency to a value of at least 23 Euros.
  3. Travel medical insurance, valid in Belarus, for the insured amount of at least 10,000 Euros.

If you want to spend more than 30 days in Belarus, you will need a visa.

We can assist you with your visa application.

The following documents are necessary for obtaining a Belarusian visa:

  1. A valid passport in the original
  2. A completed application form in the original (we will send you this per e-mail)
  3. A recent photo (not older than 6 months) in passport size (45 x 35 mm), no head covering, black and white or coloured with contrasting background
  4. A health insurance certificate (further information below)
  5. Confirmation that the visa fee has been paid into the euro account of the Embassy of the Belarusian Republic (60 Euros, or 90 Euros for an express visa). Children under 14 years of age receive a visa free of charge.
  6. A return envelope, with postage paid for a registered letter.

These documents should be sent to the consular section of the respective embassy. We can provide you with the precise address.

A visa is normally issued within five working days of receipt of all the documents required. An express visa can be issued within two working days

Health insurance for your trip to Belarus

All foreign nationals require the following documents for the issuance of a visa entitling them to enter Belarus:

  • A health insurance policy (hereinafter policy) issued by BELGOSSTRACH or BELEKSIMGARANT, or
  • A policy, insurance card or other document proving that a foreign health insurance exists with an insurance company. The document should be presented in the original or as a copy and should contain the following information:
  1. Name and address of the foreign insurance company; the complete name of the insured party
  2. The insurance should apply in the Republic of Belarus
  3. The amount insured should be at least 10,000 Euros

We hope that you will stay well during your journey, but if you should require medical assistance, we are a competent point of contact and can help you quickly. Medical care in Minsk can be classed as very good, in the provinces satisfactory. As Minsk is located in the centre of the country, wherever one is, one is at most 4 hours away in the event of an emergency.


The official currency in Belarus is the Belarusian rouble (BYN). The values of bank notes are 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 roubles and of coins 1 and 2 roubles, as well as 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 kopecks. The old Belarusian rouble was devalued: four zeros were deleted. The new rouble was introduced on 1st July 2016.

Many outlets – most supermarkets, hotels – in Belarus accept Visa or Mastercard payments. In country areas we recommend cash. This can be obtained without difficulty at the numerous cash machines or bureaux de change.