Minsk City Hall | Photo: Tatyana Pilipenko

Though Belarus had been regarded by travelers as terra incognita for quite long, the country has suddenly emerged as one of Europe’s ‘it’ destinations. As visa restrictions are being relaxed, Belarus is becoming more attractive for tourism and even seasoned travelers who have seen a lot will be pleasantly surprised at the amount of attractions it can offer. It is is a country of thick forests, leafy parks, picturesque landscapes, fairytale castles and centuries-old churches, large beautiful lakes, and abundant local wildlife. You can see all this for yourself when you come on our Circular tour Belarus.

Belarus Landmarks

The capital, Minsk, represents an unbeatable combination of impressive dining and nightlife scene, fascinating museums and theaters and an imposing ensemble of Stalinist and Baroque architecture. 

Minsk is gradually turning into a hub for global conferences and summits as well as sports competitions such as 2014 IIHF World Championship and 2019 Minsk European Games. Wherever you go you will find something interesting to explore: various museum, art galleries, theatres, ancient mesmerizing castles and richly decorated churches, not to mention superb local cuisine. 

No matter what you choose, a trip back in time at the countless castles in Belarus or enjoying the modern side of things in the lively capital city of Minsk, a trip to Belarus will take you by surprise.

We’ve carefully studied dozens of websites and guidebooks to make a summary of all you may need if you happen to come to Belarus: from exploring tourist classics of Minsk to secluded nooks for the locals.