'Yeshiva in Valoshyn | Photo: Benny Reiter
...in search of your ancestors

Usually the search for one’s roots starts with an anecdote, a blurred photo, a letter from days gone by, memories.

Over the centuries, Belarus belonged to different nations, was the setting for wars, displacements, the holocaust. No other country in Europe had to endure so much suffering and destruction as this little country in which countless human tragedies and destinies occurred, at the crossroads between cultures, between east and west, between the Slavonic and the European world. Architectural remains, archives, cemeteries (including numerous Jewish cemeteries and war cemeteries from both World Wars) and ultimately the inhabitants all bear witness to this today.

Nowadays many people try to trace their family history and find out more about the origins and fate of their forebears. For one reason or another, this quest takes them to Belarus. Whether it be forgotten places where your ancestors used to live, battlefields where they died a tragic death, or simply previous encounters with the country and its inhabitants which you want to trace….we will accompany and assist you in your search.

Feel free to consult us regarding your case or check some of our references and case studies.

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