Customer Comments

World traveller from Germany stops in Belarus, August 2019

I have booked a 5 day tour to Minsk and surroundings. There was a full day tour to Witebsk, a half day tour to Chatyn and a full day tour to Nyasvish and Mir included. There was always a driver and a guide for me.

The driver Pavel was a safe and attentive driver who also made birdwatching possible for me. I saw storks, falcons and eagles. Sveta was my guide except for the tour to Witebsk. She showed me Minsk and its surroundings in a remarkable way, shone with knowledge and brought me closer to Belarus with many anecdotes. Her German skills are outstanding and she was a very pleasant companion.

Overall I am very impressed by the country as well as by the people who care for me and would like to express my sincere thanks.

Martin Kumpmann

Visit of a philosophical club from Zurich in Switzerland, July 2019

We from the philosophical club Zurich had decided to get to know a country unknown to us so far. Our idea was to talk to interesting people from the fields of literature, art and politics and to make an impression about this country.

Sveta was responsible for the organization of the trip and the contacts. Not only is she a pleasant personality, thanks to her competence our expectations were exceeded. Thanks to Sveta’s commitment and connections, our trip was a complete success. Minsk is a very interesting city because of its history, but also because of its current cultural life. A trip organized by Sveta is recommended to everyone.

Allan Guggenbühl, Phil. Club Zurich

Swiss intellectuals

Dear Svetlana,

Once again my sincere thanks for the excellent planning, organisation and supervision of the trip. It couldn’t be better: the quick answers to every inquiry, the perfect German, the very individual layout, the responsiveness to all wishes, the excellent contacts, the care in planning, the very good support on site. This is the kind of travel organisation one would wish for. This can only be recommended with great praise.

Maybe next year we will go to the Literature Forum in the artists’ village Kaptaruny by Artur Klinau. You see: the visit has consequences, Belarus wants to be discovered. That is also your merit. My thanks again for that.

With kind regards,


An adventurer from the USA exploring Minsk and sorrounding, Summer 2018

Sveta provided me with a wonderful tour of Minsk, Mir and Nyasvizh. The tour was excellent. The rich and tragic history of this diverse and complex country came alive with Sveta’s thoughtful and thorough narrative. She was the consummate professional, spoke excellent English and was attentive to every detail. I highly recommended Sveta and g4 tours.

Jeff H.

Washington, DC

Two Swiss Adventurers in Belarus
Two adventurers from Zug in Switzerland

Hoi Anna and Hannes,

We have returned with many positive impressions from our round trip to Belarus. Those were really two intensive weeks, we did not expect Belarus to be such a multi-faceted country and that without Russian we would have so many touching interpersonal encounters. It is really fascinating how untouched the country is, even though it is in the middle of Europe. A secret tip.

In any case, we will continue to tell it and will certainly come back again in the next few years.

Best regards,


Swiss photographers in Belarus
Two photographers from Switzerland

Two photographers from Switzerland were on a 17-day nature trip through Belarus in 2015:

Dear Hannes
Dear Anna

Well, our journey home was pleasant and we found everything good at home.
We are full of unique impressions, beautiful natural landscapes, cordial encounters and of course we were all around super cared for and everything was organized by both of you. Thanks again for that. We have already told about our experiences so many times and will continue to do so…… and hope to inspire someone so much that new customers for you will emerge from it.

Anna & Benny