9 days
Minsk, Pripyat, Europark
Personal English-speaking guide + local guides
Rental car with driver
3* Hotels / country guesthouses
Nature, Country & People
South of Belarus, the river Pripyat
Manor “Pripyatsky Plos“ on the river Pripyat
North of Belarus, many different lakes
Hunting farm Europark
Price on request
Price includes
Transfer airport-Minsk and back
8 overnight stays
Breakfast and other meals specified in the programme
English-speaking tour guide
Rental car
Not included in the price
Airline tickets
Further meals
Health insurance

The blue-eyed Belarus with its over 10 thousand lakes and the numerous large and small rivers are an ideal place for anglers.

Belarus is the least densely populated country in Europe. Therefore, and unlike many other countries, many fishing grounds are still untouched and promise great catches. Furthermore, there is no fishing license needed to fish in Belarus.

During our 9-days fishing trip, we will show you some of the best hidden spots for fishing in Belarus.

In Belarus, fishing can be practiced all year round. The cold and frosty winters are not only not an obstacle, but they attract more and more fishermen. And the ice-covered lakes, dotted with fishermen, are a sight quite familiar to our eyes.

What kind of fish can be found in the lakes and rivers in Belarus?

There are about 60 species of fish in Belarus, the most common are perch, pike, crucian carp, roach, redeye, and gudgeon. The largest is the catfish. The fish-rich waters of Belarus promise success not only to professional fishermen, but to amateurs as well.

So, if fishing appeals to your heart, we invite you to our unique fishing experience in Belarus.

Day 1Saturday: Arrival

Today you will begin your journey to Minsk. You will be picked up at the airport by your English-speaking tour guide. After checking in at your hotel, your guide will accompany you on an evening stroll around the city. This will be followed by an evening meal in a typical Belarusian restaurant, before visiting the Belarusian National Library where you will have a superb view of the night lights of Minsk from the roof-top.

Accomodation: Bonotel or Garni (***)
Transfer: Airport – Minsk
English speaking guide

Day 2 Sunday: Walking tour of Minsk

Today you will learn more about the turbulent history of the country and Minsk, the Belarusian capital. Your guide will collect you from your hotel after breakfast and together you will go on a walk around town to see the sights. Your journey through time will start at the first stone church (10th/11th century) and will continue to the Orthodox and Catholic churches built between the 13th and 17th century in the old town centre. In the Troitskoye district you will be able to imagine what Minsk looked like in the 19th century.

The city was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War and is still considered today to be a prime example of socialist realism. Unlike the cities of Moscow or Kiev, the entire city centre represents a harmonious ensemble in the gingerbread style of the Stalinist period, the likes of which can be found nowhere else in the world. The opera house, circus, Victory Square, main post office, GUM (state-owned department store) the building of the Ministry of State Security (alias KGB in Soviet times) the government buildings and many more, all bear imposing testimony to this style. They are all located on Independence Avenue, which constitutes the main hub of the city with its four large squares and adjoining parks.

Following this eventful tour, you will have lunch in a typical Soviet-style canteen (Russian: stolovaya), which is an experience in itself!

After lunch we'll organize your transfer to the south of Belarus to the first fishing place: the Pripyat river. You'll be met by the hospitable hosts of the manor “Pripyatsky Plyos“, the family Nefidovich.

In the evening you'll get acquainted with the host family (they are teachers of local history, tourist instructors and fishermen) and with the farmstead and its picturesque surroundings. 

Accomodation: manor «Pripyatsky Plyos»
Transfer: Minsk - «Pripyatsky Plyos» 
Meals: breakfast in the hotel, lunch in Minsk, dinner in the manor
English speaking guide, driver

Days 3-4Monday, Tuesday: Fishing on the Pripyat river

This place is considered to be one of the most fishy rivers in Belarus. Who has already been to the region of Polesie and the local rivers can’t but agree that fishing on the Pripyat is really an el Dorado.

In the basin of this river there are more than 35 species of fish. Amongst these are bream, roach, pike, catfish, perch, carp, subaqueous, ruff, ide, crucian carp, pikeperch, redeye, and chub. In the Pripyat, you can often catch a trophy.

Accommodation during these days is planned in a cozy farmstead right at the river bank. Catering is provided, so nothing will distract from fishing. After fishing you can relax in the sauna, which will be heated by your caring hosts before your return. In the meantime, your catch will be cooked in traditional way for dinner.

If you wish you can have a rest on the beehives. It is believed that a person after sleeping in the hives gets lightness, vivacity, freshness and a feeling of youthfulness. Sleeping in hives is a wonderful proven method to improve one's health.
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If you plan to come with your family or friends who are not very keen on fishing, they will also have a great time. There are plenty of interesting things to do like bike tours, bird watching, or hiking through the marshes with our experienced guides.

Overnight stay at the manor "Pripyatski Plyos"
Food: full board
English speaking guide and transfer to all fishing spots

Day 5Wednesday: Transfer. Stopover at Brili Field

Today we cross Belarus from the south to the north-east and travel around 550 km. So, right after breakfast and a warm farewell by your hosts, we'll hit the road.

To make the road not seem tedious, we'll make small pauses to eat and stretch, and we'll make one big stop about halfway. We stop for lunch in the town of Borisov, and then head to the village of Studenka with a local guide, where Napoleon's army was defeated in the crossing of the Berezina River in 1812. We will learn details about the events of those days and see the monument to all those who died in that war. This monument was created by a Belarusian sculptor at the expense of the Swiss government.

After the tour we will continue to the north of the country.
In the evening we will arrive to the hunting farm Europark, where you will fish the next days.

The overnight stays will be organized in one of the houses of the hunting farm. These are comfortable wooden houses with all conveniences. The hospitable hostess will greet you with the traditional treat: a glass of moonshine and salo (home-made bacon), and then she will feed you with a hearty dinner.

Overnight stay: in the house of the hunting farm
Transfer: farm "Pripyatski Plyos" - Borisov - hunting farm Europark
English speaking guide, guide in Borisov, driver
Meals: breakfast at the manor, dinner at the hunting farm

Days 6-7Thursday, Friday: Fishing on the lakes

Now you're going to learn the peculiarities of fishing on the Belarusian lakes.

On the territory of the farm EUROPARK there is a whole cascade of lakes, among them Sinsha, Volobo, Glybo, Vedeto, and the river Drissa. The waters are inhabited by catfish, pike, perch, bream, eel, rudd, roach, ide, silver carp, rudd, ruff, chub and asp. The average depth of the lake is 5-7 meters, the depth of the winter pits is 15-17 meters. The shores are solid, woody, and dominated by pine forests and birch groves. The crystal clear water of lake Vedeto is inhabited by a very rare species, by a fish called selava.

There will be organized transportation to the fishing areas, and on the lakes the boats will be available.

Here, as well as on the Pripyat, you don't have to worry about food, as full board is provided. All products used for cooking are grown here in the hunting farm and are absolutely environmentally friendly. Also you can cook dishes‚ from local fish, from the meat of wild animals, and pigs, which are also bred here.

There are also bathhouses, sauna it is an integral part of the process of hunting or fishing.

And, again, if you come with your family and friends who are not interested in fishing, there is the possibility to go rafting on the river by kayak, ride quad bikes on the forest paths, ride horses, or just walk along the deep forest paths.

Or just help your hostess as she smokes your catch in her original way. 

Overnight stay: in the house of the hunting farm
Meals: full board
English speaking guide and transport to all fishing spots

Day 8Saturday: Fishing. Transfer to Minsk.

Today you will have one more opportunity to go for morning fishing at the lakes enjoy the calm and the beautiful nature.

After lunch we will say goodbye to the north of Belarus and head to Minsk.

After checking into the hotel you can have a walk around the old Minsk and have dinner in one of the cozy restaurants.

Overnight: Bonotel or Garni (***)
Transfer: Hunting area - Minsk
Meals: breakfast at the hunting farm
English speaking guide and transfer

Day 9 Sunday: Farewell to Belarus

Today it’s about time to say goodbye to Belarus. But we hope that you will want to come back and explore more about our beautiful country. Or to come back and fish on our rivers and lakes, which we have plenty of. Or come and take part in a fishing contest.

See you!

Transfer: Minsk - Airport
Tour guide and driver

Individual offer