April - October
1,5 - 2 hours
Narotsch National Park
PRICE upon request
Price includes
English-speaking tour guide
Entrance fees according to program
Car for the excursion
Transfer airport (Minsk) - Blue lakes and back
Not included in the price
Airline or railway tickets
Health insurance
Further meals
Hiking tour Blue Lakes

The "blue lakes" are a picturesque hill and lake area in the north-west of Belarus on the border with Lithuania. The gentle hills, mostly forested with pines, and the numerous small lakes here are reminiscent of landscapes in Karelia (Finland) or Switzerland. 

During the tour you hike seven kilometres through varied terrain, through coniferous forests, along the banks of picturesque lakes and the Stratscha River and its tributaries. The original and largely abandoned flora is home to many different birds and wildlife, whose tracks can be seen everywhere. 

The tour takes you along three picturesque lakes. Lake Glublja is known for its clean, crystal clear water. Calcareous soil deposits give the lake an impressive green-blue colour. The lake Glublja is connected to the lake Glubelka by a small brook. However, the deep waters of the two lakes have not mixed for more than a thousand years, so they have different bright colours. The third lake, also called the dead (mertvoe) lake, has a strong yellowish-brown colour due to the moor surrounding it.  

Halfway along the trail, you take a picnic break in the forest. In summer you can swim in one of the cleanest lakes in the country. All three lakes have drinking water quality. 

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