April - October
2 - 2.5 hours
Ozerany, near Turau
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English-speaking tour guide
Breakfast and another hot meal per day
Car for the excursion
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Lung of Europe

Belarus is often referred to as the lung of Europe, as it has the largest moorland areas in Europe. Half of the territory of the Pripyatsky National Park (named after the  Pripyat River, which flows in the north of the park) consists of extensive moorland areas, which are considered to be the scenic highlight of the national park. The bogs, which are strictly protected, are unique in Europe in their size, flora and fauna. They are located in the Polesian region in the very south of the country. 2500 years ago there was a sea on the same spot that was first mentioned by the Greek historian Herodotus. This sea was the origin of Polesia and its moorland. Not far from the park lies one of the oldest Belarusian cities, Turov, which also invites to a visit. The moors can be reached through abandoned forests of oaks, birches, aspens, alders and pines. Many trees are already old, they have been growing here for about 200 years. There are particularly old specimens, such as an 800-year-old oak or a 650-year-old pine that you will see along the way. Since the forest is mostly located in humid river plains, many unique plants grow here, such as the dwarf birch, the bog birch, the marsh porst, the bog bilberry, as well as myrtle and astragalous moss. The moors provide important habitats for wild birds and rodents. In April and May a visit for bird lovers is particularly worthwhile. 256 bird species live on the territory of the National Park. The grey crane, the black stork, the owl, the green woodpecker, the azure tit and the white-tailed eagle are under special protection.

Together with an experienced guide, you will embark on an approximately three-hour hike through the moorland areas and learn all kinds of interesting facts about the history and flora and fauna of the moor.

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