All year round
Krasniy Bor., Vitebsk region
1-2 days
PRICE upon request
Price includes
Transfer airport-Krasniy Bor and back
Breakfast and another hot meal per day
English-speaking tour guide
Car for the excursion
Not included in the price
Airline or railway tickets
Health insurance
Further meals
Wild and beautiful

The Krasniy Bor nature reserve is located in the far north, on the border with Russia and Latvia. Dmitrij and his family live on its edge, in the deepest wilderness. Dmitrij is a passionate biologist and nature lover who knows the nature of the north like no other. He can tell you many interesting stories about the forest and its inhabitants. Dmitrij will also introduce you to his grey friends, three wolves he raised as puppies. He understands how to live in a pack of wolves, for the wolves he is the alpha animal. As the house is situated in the middle of the forest, Dmitrij often gets animals visits. There are moose or wild boars to be seen, in the river next to the house lives a beaver family, which can sometimes be seen on the shore.

The north of Belarus is known for its extensive lake areas and some picturesque forest lakes. Walking through the original forest is fun and helps to relax. Depending on the season, you can also pick berries and mushrooms.

Dmitrij invites you to be his guest for a day or two. You will stay with him in a comfortable wooden house. Dmitrij's wife Evgeniya, an excellent cook, takes care of your physical well-being.

Individual offer