Country and People / nature
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Kolbovo village, Mogilev region
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Transfer airport - Kolbovo and back
Breakfast and another hot meal per day
English-speaking guide
Car for the excursion
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Airline or railway tickets
Health insurance
Further meals
At the countryside..

Very often personal contacts play the most important role on a journey and are most memorable. In this case it is a hunter family living in a tiny village of 29 inhabitants. The village is called Kolbovo and lies in the deepest province, in the east of the country (Mogiljov region).

The family lives from their farm, where they produce almost all the necessary food themselves. The landlord will show you the farm, his animals and above all his hunting dogs, of which he is particularly proud.

Then he invites you to dinner. In summer you can have a barbecue outside. In front of the house there is a suitable place under a huge oak tree. In winter the housewife cooks poultry in a wood-burning oven and serves delicious pickled vegetables, which she has pickled herself in summer. In addition you taste homemade wine.

You will spend the evening in pleasant company with your family. Your hosts will share with you how they live in the Belarusian province, what they dream of... There is no place for language barriers here, your guide will support you.

On this evening you will understand what Belarusian hospitality really means. After dinner, your host will invite you to a horse-drawn carriage ride through the tiny village and its surroundings.

Before you leave, you can watch or help to get the horses prepared for the ride. While you drive through the village, past huge fields and dense forests, the forester tells stories of the region, his hunting stories, sings folk songs or shows traces of wild animals. If the weather is good and you are lucky, you can spot these animals, especially at dusk. The forester can imitate animal voices, which helps with the observation of animals quite well. 

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