National flag and coat of arms of Belarus | Photo: Anna Kovaleva

All foreigners coming to Belarus must have an insurance policy that will cover the length of their stay. The minimum value should be €10,000. If the insurance amount is not specified in your policy, it will be accepted only if it is valid for traveling around the world.

Buy from Both Belarusian and Foreign Insurers

You can buy a policy right on the border, there will be a window at the airport or border control with a plaque “Obligatory medical insurance”. The local insurers are “Eximgarant” and “Belgosstrakh”. 

If you are visiting a friend in Belarus they can purchase a policy for you at “Belgosstrakh”. They just need to tell the insurer your full name, address, and dates of your stay. The insurer will send you the policy, and you should show it while crossing the border.

The medical insurance acquired to visit Belarus at a foreign agency should be valid during the period of your stay.

If you are going to obtain a policy in your home country, make sure it contains the following data:

  • your name;
  • name and details of your insurer (phone number and address);
  • validity area.

However, not all travelers need a policy. The following groups of people won’t need to buy it:

  • CIS citizens;
  • diplomatic and official passport holders;
  • flight crew and railway staff;
  • refugees;
  • transit tourists;
  • official delegations invited by Belarusian governing bodies;
  • members of the diplomatic missions;

and others. The full list can be seen on the official website of the Belarus Embassy. You can skip the insurance if you are a citizen of one of the states that signed international treaties with Belarus on providing free emergency medical services. These are:

  • Kazakhstan;
  • Armenia;
  • Moldova;
  • Kyrgyzstan;
  • Tajikistan;
  • Russia;
  • Uzbekistan;
  • Ukraine.

If you have any questions left, our specialists will be glad to help you. Explore other things you may need to know before coming to Belarus on our Travelling with us page. In case you are looking for a tour check out our Tours section. There you will find a large number of ready-made offers, including history and genealogy trips as well as trips around regional cities.